Health Intelligence Manager

East London
01 Oct 2020
01 Nov 2020
Public Health
Contract Type
Full Time

A client in East London is seeking a Health intelligence manager to join their team for 1 year.





The key areas of responsibility for this post include the following:
• Insight and intelligence
• Strategic leadership, planning and partnership
• Commissioning and delivery
• Evaluation, innovation and research
• Developing public health skills and leadership
• Management of budgets and resources

Insight and intelligence

The post holder will:

1. Lead the production and development of a number of statistical /information services and will obtain, analyse, interpret and publish information relating to life course or priority programme areas in the Local Area.

2. Provide specialised advice on epidemiology, health intelligence, statistics and statistical techniques, health data sets, research, survey design and questionnaire design. In additional they will be the expert lead for the department on two or more of the following areas:
• GIS mapping
• HES/SUS databases
• Health Impact Assessments
• Data visualisation techniques
• Data linkage and processing
• Health economic analysis

3. Support the implementation of the council’s public health intelligence strategy, developing capacity within the council and partnership organisations. Identify, propose and implement changes to working practices and Health Information policies to improve the quality of information delivery which will impact on other disciplines or parts of the service.

4. Handle complex analytical and statistical health information issues which require interpretation to formulate solutions. Use judgemental skills to derive alternative information sources and methods of analysis when appropriate

5. Ensure that analyses of sensitive information are completed carefully and correctly through detailed checking and examination of the analyses produced.

6. Perform sensitivity analyses when results are conflicting. Make judgements about the most appropriate analyses to use. Have an understanding of the assumptions being made within each analytical technique.

7. Resolve highly complex queries where there is more than one possible answer and where leading opinion may conflict, and provide expert judgement in deciding the most appropriate solution in the given situation

8. Be responsible for identified local databases and, if necessary, change the format of the files, merge the databases with other databases, and create a final database which is appropriately labelled and ready for statistical analysis

9. Work, store and transmit data in accordance with data protection, Caldicott Guardian directions, freedom of information systems and confidentiality principles.

10. Provide the analysis underpinning the logic models developed from each departmental aspiration and develop systems to ensure their ongoing monitoring, interpretation and continuous quality assurance.

Strategic leadership, partnership, planning

11. Act as a lead specialist in public health intelligence for health in early years, school age children and adolescents. This will require excellent communications skills, both oral and written, to receive and analyse complex statistical information and an ability to present complex statistical issues to non-specialist audiences and individuals where persuasion might be required and highly complex and sensitive information to other statistical specialists and statistical professionals e.g. development of statistical or research methodology

12. Support the JSNA process, working closely with staff across the local authority, CCG, CSU and other partnership organisations

13. Work with colleagues across the council on intelligence, insight and analytical matters, including the Corporate Research Unit, to deliver corporate reporting requirements as required

14. Provide information to senior managers as required enabling a timely and accurate response to complaints, Legal Services, Members Enquiries and other similar enquiries.

15. Work with other organisations including the CSU, CCG, the Office for National Statistics, Public Health England (Knowledge and Intelligence Teams) to keep in touch with developments and access to data;

16. Support the dissemination of statistics and information to all stakeholders via a number of different media, electronically or written reports

17. Deputise for the Head of Public Health Intelligence, Insight and Analysis as requested.

Commissioning and delivery

The post holder will apply a range of levers to make progress against aspirations:
18. Understand the objectives and priorities for allocated programme areas in order to ensure that public health analysis is provided effectively and is properly prioritised to support local and regional policies and strategies in both the short-term, long-term and strategic planning cycles.

19. Manage a number of projects underway simultaneously, working with other agencies / professionals as well as organising own time to meet deadlines. The post holder will be required to exhibit flexibility in order to allow for changes in information format, lack of information provided and delays in receiving requested information

20. Support the production of JSNA factsheets, the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report, and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

21. Ensure data are held and available in systems in a way that PH can readily access them, in accordance with information governance protocols. Agree ways of storing historic work and analyses so they may be easily updated and ensure professional standards for presentation of data.

22. Ensure the public health teams comply with all statutory and corporate performance reporting requirements, and that the data and information supplied in support of this is of the highest quality possible.

Evaluation, innovation and research

23. Undertake evaluations using statistical and epidemiological methods to effectively measure the outcome and benefit of individual public health initiatives, in accordance with aspirations.

24. Provide consulting advice on a range of epidemiological and statistical issues relating to the design, conduct, analysis and dissemination of surveys and research projects

25. Undertake surveys, audits or research to support service development e.g. lifestyle surveys, focus groups for social marketing or user engagement.

26. Contribute significantly, when required, to the statistical aspects of articles for submission to peer-reviewed publications

Developing public health skills and leadership

27. Be responsible for staff development through either 1:1 training or supporting training/continuous professional development sessions within the organisation

28. Provide ongoing training for health intelligence staff or other professional staff on statistical analysis and concepts

29. Develop a Personal Development Plan to identify areas for development to develop his/her competence as a Public Health leader.

Management of budgets and resources

30. Supervise students or newer colleagues offering advice and training where required particularly around research, surveys, audits etc.

31. Be responsible for the safe use of their own equipment and ensure the computer equipment does not contravene health and safety.
General Terms

The post holder will:

32. Ensure that all duties and responsibilities are performed in accordance with all Council’s Policies and Procedures including Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety Policy etc.

33. Participate in the Council's performance management scheme, ensuring that performance standards/targets are set and met within the agreed timescale.

34. Promote and comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in the opposition and eradication of all forms of discrimination and to ensure all services are accessible to all users.

35. Operate and utilise information and communications technology as appropriate to the post’s areas of responsibility and to assist with the identification and development of new ICT applications that would improve the efficiency of the service.

36. Keep abreast of professional developments, legislative changes and best practice, attending Continuing Professional Development courses as appropriate and applying updated knowledge to present work programmes and sharing information gathered on courses, including providing training for other staff.

37. Undertake any other duties of a similar nature, within any team of the Section and at any location within the Borough, which may arise from time to time and which are commensurate with the grade of the post and within the capabilities of the post-holder.

38. Maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the job and participate in appropriate training/development activities including the council’s performance, development and review scheme. To engage and develop all staff in the team to ensure they have clear personal development plans.

39. Ensure that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with the council’s policies and procedures, Code of Conduct and relevant regulations and legislation. To comply with the council’s equal opportunities and diversity policies ensuring anti-discriminatory practice within the service area.

40. To be available to work evenings and weekends with appropriate notice.

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