Community Insight Officer

East London
30 Sep 2020
30 Oct 2020
Public Health
Full Time

A client in East London is currently seeking a Community Insight Officer to join their team for one year.


The key areas of responsibility for this post include the following:

• Insight and intelligence

•  Strategic leadership, partnership engagement and planning commissioning and delivery

• Evaluation, innovation and research

• Developing public health skills and leadership

•  Management of budgets and resources

Insight and intelligence

The post holder will:

1. Support the development of an in-depth understanding of the range of factors impacting on health and wellbeing and health inequalities within the relevant population groups by working in close partnership with community organisations, commissioned services and other statutory sector agencies.

2. Communicate the current and future health needs of the population, the extent to which these needs are being met and the priorities for improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

3. Through effective joint working identify local assets that can support the health and wellbeing of the population.

4. Based on the above take an active role in the collection of information and insight to support the implementation of public health work e.g:

•       in-depth needs assessments,

•       health impact assessments

•       health equity audits

•       evidence reviews

•       evaluations

•       economic evaluations

•       modelling

•       asset mapping

•       participatory research

•       surveys

•       qualitative studies

•       local and national health surveillance systems

5.      Support the JSNA in (area of responsibility) including:

•       The development of factsheets and in depth studies

•       supporting stakeholder groups supporting JSNA work

•       collating perspectives of the public and local communities through   questionnaires, group work or effective engagement with               stakeholders

•       communicating recommendations.

6.  Support the identification of a research agenda to better understand public health needs where gaps have been identified through collating and reporting on communities and stakeholders health and wellbeing needs.

7. Take an active role in implementing the communication and engagement plan as an integral component to each piece of work incorporating a range of media’s (printed press, TV, radio, social media etc) and also presentation skills tailored to different audiences (including members, council officers, NHS, voluntary sector, business and public), utilising effective data visualisation tools and principles and articulating clearly limitations of data where relevant.

Strategy, partnership and planning:

The post holder will:

8. Support a whole system approach to drive transformational change.

9. Support the implementation of local policy and legislation to positively impact on population health and reduce health inequalities.

10. Work across the council and with partners at local, regional and national level to support the development and implementation of an action plan to make measurable progress against each aspiration.

11. Support influencing strategies at all levels within the council (e.g. Mayoral, members, corporate management team, directorate management team, senior management team, and other delivery groups) and with partners including other local authorities, Public Health England, NHS England, Commissioning Group, local NHS providers (including GPs, Community Pharmacists, Acute Trusts etc)  voluntary sector, business sector, police, emergency response services and the public to highlight important issues linked to each aspiration.

12. Support the effective engagement of communities and key stakeholders in strategies and plans.

13. Contribute to the development of a logic model including assessment of cost-effectiveness around agreed aspirations in order to identify the priorities for action to impact on the aspiration.

14. Develop, monitor and report process, output and outcome measures tracking progress on agreed aspirations at population levels and impact on health inequalities.

15. Support the implementation and updating of a communication and engagements plan as an integral component of delivery plans against agreed aspiration.

16. Work with and influence public health colleagues both within the borough and across London in cross-cutting areas to ensure a person-centred approach to public health initiatives.

Commissioning and delivery

The post holder will apply a range of levers to make progress against aspirations:

17.  Work with providers to ensure the effective monitoring of interventions to improve population health and reduce health inequalities through external providers and other council services.

18. Support effective delivery of services commissioned by public health and other commissioners (across the council, Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS England, Public Health England and other NHS providers) that impact on population health and health inequalities.

19.  Provide public health input to influence programmes commissioned by other commissioners within and outside the council, that will impact on the health of the local population with the aim of improving, or mitigating any risks to, health and wellbeing

20.  Work directly with the public and within communities to coproduce initiatives to improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

21.  Support the development of social marketing approaches to working with the whole population and targeted population groups to support behaviour change.

22.  Work with colleagues across the public health directorate, the council and external partners to ensure commissioned programmes are integrated into the wider portfolio of local services, and signposting and information is available for those who would benefit.

Evaluation, innovation and research

23.  Support the implementation of a comprehensive evaluation strategy, including economic evaluations, of interventions that have been implemented to make progress against aspirations.

24.  Work with academic partners, community organisations and providers to support a  collaborative programme of research relating to aspirations.

25.  Build and contribute to the evidence base around delivery against aspirations and disseminate through conferences and publication of papers.

26. Understand and apply the principles of research governance and ethics.

Developing public health skills and leadership

27. Apply relevant accredited public health competency frameworks to assess strengths and areas for improvement for self, any staff they manage or volunteers they supervise

28. Develop a Personal Development Plan to identify areas for development to develop his/her competence as a Public Health practitioner.

29. Support any staff they manage or volunteers they supervise in developing their personal development plans.

30. Support the public health network and training programme across the council and with partners in the NHS and non-statutory sector to develop or strengthen public health knowledge, skills and resources.

31. Develop and implement training and health promotion interventions across public health areas to council and partnership staff, volunteers and members of the public in a range of settings and timings including community organisations, religious settings, public areas and commercial organisations.

Management of budgets and resources

32. Lead, motivate and manage the work of any staff or volunteers they manage, including regular individual supervision, performance management and bi-annual appraisal of staff in accordance with all Council requirements, and supporting individual professional development, including coaching and mentoring where appropriate.

33. Support the development of teamwork plans that reflect the priorities of the public health service.

34. Support the effective management of budget(s) in line with council procedures and work with providers to ensure community benefits are realised.

35.  Report regularly to the Programme Manager of – TBC on staff and budget issues and identify at an early stage matters that require senior management resolution.

General Terms

36. Ensure that all duties and responsibilities are performed in accordance with all Council’s Policies and Procedures including Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety Policy etc.

37.  Participate in the Council's performance management scheme, ensuring that performance standards/targets are set and met within the agreed timescale.

38.  Promote and comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in the opposition and eradication of all forms of discrimination, promotion of the duty of inclusion and to ensure all services are accessible to all users.

39.  Operate and utilise information and communications technology as appropriate to the post’s areas of responsibility and to assist with the identification and development of new ICT applications that would improve the efficiency of the service.

40.  Keep abreast of professional developments, legislative changes and best practice, attending Continuing Professional Development courses as appropriate and applying updated knowledge to present work programmes and sharing information gathered on courses, including providing training for other staff.

If you have the right skills, experience and qualifications for this role and feel you match the requirements, or if you would like more information on the role, please contact us on 020 8125 4321 or email

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