Environmental Health Officer/ Senior – Food Safety Team

£25 PAYE per hour or £30 umbrella
21 Aug 2018
21 Sep 2018
Contract Type

Environmental Health Officer/ Senior – Food Safety Team


The contract is with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

It is for a minimum of three months with a possible extension

Pay is £25 per hour PAYE or £30 umbrella

Main Purpose of the Job

To protect the health of consumers by inspecting and enforcing food hygiene and food standards, including the labelling and presentation of food, in food businesses and through training food handlers. To protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and others in food businesses through health and safety inspections and enforcement. To give a timely and effective response to residents and other members of the public on matters relating to food and health and safety. To deal with notifications of infectious disease.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1          Carry out reactive and proactive work, taking informal and formal action in accordance with the Council’s Enforcement Policy.

2          Undertake planned inspections for food hygiene, food standards and health and safety in food businesses within the Royal Borough.

3          Provide reports to the business proprietor on all inspections.

4          Serve notices mainly under Food Legislation e.g. the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, the Food and Environmental Protection Act and any other legislation that is appropriate to secure the main purpose of the post. Including the service of Food Emergency Prohibition Notices if competent. (Dependant on experience).

5          Instigate all necessary legal action in line with Council policy, including the preparation and presentation of evidence at Court and Tribunals.

6          Follow up and make revisits where informal or formal action has been taken.

7          Respond to and investigate complaints, accidents and defective lift reports.

8          Deal with notifications of infectious disease and investigate outbreaks of food poisoning.

9          Deal with enquiries and food alerts.

10        Undertake food and water sampling including formal food sampling.

11        Inspect Approved Premises if competent

12        Deal with asbestos notifications and the use and storage of pesticides as required.

13        Oversee exhumations

14        Respond to correspondence, and maintain up to date records on the computer system and files of inspections and other visits made and action taken to ensure a complete record of cases is maintained in the event of later enquiries, complaints or subsequent legal action.

15        Ensure file records and information is current on the computer system.

16        Undertake projects and initiatives to improve the delivery of the service.  These projects may reflect the impact of the wider environmental agenda on the operation of the businesses visited

17        Meet performance targets for proactive and reactive work.

18        Attend internal and external meetings and Committees of the Council when required.

19        Participate in the training of businesses, health promotion initiatives and the staff training programme as required.

20        Ensure effective liaison is maintained with other relevant colleagues about matters relating to work within their areas.

21        Assist in ensuring the quality of the work of Technical Officers, providing advice and guidance to them and other officers as required.

22        Assist in dealing with visitors to the Directorate including taking them on visits.

23        Become familiar with, and operate policies, procedures and techniques relevant to the job.

24        Keeping abreast of technical and legal developments in health and safety, food safety and food standards changes.

25        Assist in maintaining and improving procedures and other documentation used by the Commercial Division.

26        Work outside of normal office hours as required for example to; investigate major accidents, inspect premises where access is not available during normal working hours or days; investigate outbreaks of legionnaires disease.

27        Undertake enforcement at the Notting Hill Carnival as required. Duties include monitoring and taking action under health and safety, food safety and other legislation as appropriate.

28        Cover the work of colleagues in time of leave, sickness or other absenteeism.

29        Carry out such other duties relevant to the post when required.

30        As the Council moves towards a more flexible way of working this may require different methods of working for example some home working and flexibility about working hours.

31        We are Bi-Borough with Hammersmith and Fulham and you may be required to undertake similar duties in their local authority area.


The Directorate may transfer staff between specialist teams to facilitate personal development of individuals, meet demands of work and to maintain an experienced and versatile staff.  For this purpose the following will apply to all Environmental Health Officer’s jobs.  The officer will be expected to:-

Familiarise him/herself with changes in policies, procedures and techniques relevant to the work of the wider Directorate and keep abreast of any changes.

Effectively liaise with colleagues in Environmental Services and other Directorates to maintain an awareness relating to their work areas and the range of services offered by the Council.

Carry out duties, relating to the full range of environmental health matters as required.

Work on the Directorate’s Out of Hours Service if required. NB The service deals with noise and nuisance complaints and includes weekend, public holiday, evening, night and early morning shifts.

Maintain a broad interest in, and knowledge of, the wider environmental and environmental health agenda.

The duties and responsibilities outlined in this job profile are indicative of the role, however they are not exhaustive and may be subject to change. In addition, you will be required to undertake other reasonable duties as directed by your manager.

 Person Specification

Listed below are the key requirements and behaviours needed to undertake this job.  These will form a key part of the decision process.  Some of the criteria are essential, whilst others are desirable.

In addition to these requirements and behaviours, all jobs within the Royal Borough demand a satisfactory and reliable level of attendance and work performance, and good standards of conduct and personal behaviour. Evidence for these will be sought as part of the recruitment process.

Technical and Job Specific Requirements


Degree or Diploma in Environmental Health recognised by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Registration with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Board.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Evidence of active participation in continuing professional development.


Ability to inspect Food Hygiene Category A and B premises and the full range of planned inspections for food hygiene, food standards and health & safety.

Recent suitable and practical experience within food safety and health and safety enforcement.

Recent experience of carrying out planned food hygiene, food standards and health and safety and food inspections.

Recent experience of examining food safety management systems based on HACCP principles and health and safety risk assessments.

Recent experience of advising directors, managers, employees and complainants in particular on food issues and health and safety interpreting legislation.

Ability and experience to close food premises.

Recent experience of investigating complaints and dealing enquiries, in particular food and health and safety complaints and enquiries and dealing with outbreaks of food poisoning.

Recent experience of investigating accidents and dangerous occurrences.

Experience of undertaking food sampling including ideally formal samples.

Experience of dealing with notifications of infectious disease.

Recent experience of taking suitable follow up action following inspections and investigations.

Recent experience of using relevant legislation and powers e.g. serving notices, instigating prosecutions, attending Court and/or Tribunals.

Experience of working with computers and an understanding of information technology.

Job related knowledge and skills

Good knowledge of food safety and occupational health and safety legislation.

Knowledge of a good range of preventative and promotional food safety and health and safety measures.


Additional qualifications in food and/or health and safety.

Voting or Practitioner membership of the CIEH.


Ability and experience and to inspect specialist or complex processes and premises which are subject to Approval under Regulation 853/2004.

Experience of inspecting food related documented quality assurance systems.

Experience of dealing with Imported Foods and Products of Animal Origin.

Experience of serving emergency prohibition notices and seizure and detentions.

Experience of dealing with asbestos removal notifications and defective lift reports.

Recent experience of carrying out inspections of water systems in relation to the prevention of legionellosis.

Experience of making presentations and organising and participating in food safety displays and events.

Experience of undertaking internal and external training sessions on food safety and/or health and safety.

Experience of undertaking projects, researching topics and preparing and writing reports.

Experience of training food handlers in courses endorsed by CIEH etc.

Experience of using measuring/monitoring equipment.

Managing time, resources and competing priorities in a structured, effective way

The following examples are indicators of effective behaviour:

Ensures plans and strategies flow from broader business group and Council plans 

Makes use of appropriate planning techniques, including project management methodologies where applicable

Seeks feedback on plans from others

Steps back to re-plan and reschedule when plans fall behind schedule

Monitors plans and progress, taking corrective action where needed

Solution Focus      

Interprets and analyses information and problems, and seizes opportunities to implement innovative/creative solutions

The following examples are indicators of effective behaviour:

Interprets complex data, quickly identifying key issues

Overcomes obstacles and barriers to progress through new and creative means

Encourages and supports others in the team to share their ideas

Constantly looks for new and better ways of doing things

Quickly adapts to and champions new working practices and technology


Conveying information and arguments clearly, improving understanding and fostering engagement and support

The following examples are indicators of effective behaviour:

Effectively prepares and confidently presents written and verbal arguments, supported by evidence and clear rationale

Maintains emotional control throughout tense/difficult situations

Recognises verbal and non-verbal cues/messages during discussions with others

Takes time to check understanding, take questions, clarify uncertainty

Is upbeat, positive and sincere when seeking commitment from others

Working in Partnership   

Fostering rapport, mutual respect and cooperation with colleagues, customers/clients/partners in pursuit of common interests

The following examples are indicators of effective behaviour:

Offers support and advice to colleagues

Listens, asks questions and looks for common ground

Actively develops networks and relationships beyond immediate work area

Is inclusive, values and encourages diverse perspectives and views 

Looks for opportunities to share best practice, knowledge, ideas and plans across and between professional silos/service areas


Understanding different views and needs and adapting behaviour to contribute to a work environment that embraces diversity and uses diverse perspectives to drive performance improvement

Encourages and values the contribution of others

Is aware of and acknowledges unspoken tension or conflict in a situation

Accurately interprets body language

Adapts approach to reflect the different needs of customers or colleagues

Takes the time to understand different points of view or need


Maintaining the highest possible standards of performance, striving to get things right the first time – working to enhance and manage Kensington and Chelsea’s reputation at all times

Sets stretching work goals and targets

Works with order and purpose, evidencing a respect for hierarchy and due process

Runs structured meetings that run to time

Respects the dignity of affected parties when challenging the status quo or long-standing practices

Puts the needs of the Council before own interests and agenda

Drive to Achieve    

Maintaining focus, drive and energy to see things through and deliver the highest possible standards for our residents

Stays focused on goals, deadlines and outcomes

Encourages others to raise their standards and acts as a role model

Demonstrates resilience when encountering problems, or setbacks

Rises to challenges, looks for opportunities outside of comfort zone

Willingly takes on new work, increasing responsibilities and the ‘next thing’ on the agenda 

Customer Focus   

Putting the customer at the very heart of what we do, understanding their diverse and ever-changing needs and shaping the service offered accordingly

Takes action promptly to ensure errors or mistakes are not repeated

Role models customer service across the team, demonstrating a clear customer-service ethos

Goes the extra mile for customers, ensuring their satisfaction is paramount

Develops systems and processes that are easy for the customer to use

Invests time in keeping up to date with new developments in the service

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