Noise and Nuisance Officer

£24 per hour PAYE or £30 umbrella
20 Aug 2018
20 Sep 2018
EH Practitioner
Contract Type

Noise and Nuisance Officer

The contract is until 29 March 2019

Pay rate is £24 per hour PAYE or £30 umbrella

Job Purpose

To ensure that the impact from noise and nuisance on residents and others within the Royal Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is controlled using appropriate enforcement powers, negotiation and practical knowledge within a 24 hour service operation.

Description of Duties

Respond to, investigate and resolve, within published service standards, wherever possible, complaints relating primarily to noise and nuisance, but also complaints relating to other areas within the Environmental Health and Trading Standards remit. 

To serve and enforce notices under the Environmental protection Act 1990, Control of Pollution Act 1974 and any other legislation that is appropriate to secure the main purpose of the post.

To follow up and re-visit where informal and formal action has been taken, checking works in progress, ensuring that the necessary works, etc. have been properly executed in accordance with good practice. To identify those cases where notices have not been complied with and take appropriate enforcement action.

Instigate all necessary legal action in line with Council policy, including the reparation and presentation of evidence at Court and Tribunals.

To advise and comment on Planning and Licence applications.

Respond to correspondence, and maintain up to date records on the Boroughs’ computer systems, officer notebooks, records of visits made and action taken to ensure a complete record of cases is maintained in the event of later enquiries, complaints or subsequent legal action.

To give advice to the general public and commercial undertakings on Environmental Health matters relating to premises in the borough.

Contribute to projects and initiatives in relation to the work of the Noise and Nuisance Team and, where appropriate, the Council or Team as a whole.

To keep abreast of appropriate legal and technical developments in noise and nuisance.

Meet performance targets for proactive and reactive work.

Undertake projects and initiatives to improve the delivery of the service.  These projects may reflect the impact of the wider environmental agenda on the operation of the premises visited.

To prepare detailed reports relating to case work and wider noise and nuisance issues and attend internal and external meetings and Committees of the Council when required.

Assist in maintaining Quality Assurance procedures and other documentation used by the Residential Teams.

Participate in the training of businesses, health promotion initiatives and the staff training programme as required.

Ensure effective liaison is maintained with other relevant colleagues about matters relating to work within their areas.

Become familiar with operational policies, procedures and techniques relevant to the job.

Keep abreast of technical and legal developments in all areas of Environmental Health.

Work outside of normal office hours as part of the Noise and Nuisance Service’s 24 hour/7 days a week shift system. 

Undertake enforcement at the Notting Hill Carnival as required. Duties include monitoring and taking action under all relevant legislation where appropriate.

Cover the work of colleagues in time of leave, sickness or other absenteeism.

Carry out such other duties relevant to the post when required.

As the Council moves towards further flexible ways of working be prepared to embrace different methods of working for example flexibility about working hours.

Civil and Other Emergencies


To support the Council’s role in planning for and responding to civil and council emergencies using skills/expertise of the post holder and in accordance with council emergency procedures. To provide emergency contact details for the purposes of emergency and service continuity plans.

To ensure service continuity plans are in place for all the business units you manage that will enable them to deliver essential services following a business disruption and, where requested, ensure your service is prepared to respond to the needs of the community following an emergency.


To support the Council’s role in planning for and responding to civil and council emergencies using skills/expertise of the post holder, and in accordance with council emergency procedures. To provide emergency contact details for the purposes of emergency and service continuity plans.


To use the Council’s office-based and mobile IT services for the input, access and transmission of information using the appropriate level of information security and classification through the use of electronic mail, diaries, word-processing, spreadsheets and databases as well as any specific job-related applications as required to carry out the duties of the post.

Information Management


To ensure the Council’s data quality and information rights compliance by managing the administration of information, application systems, technology and staff so that the business unit complies with the Council’s Information Management related policies.

To ensure adequate guidance is available to business unit staff through the production and maintenance of documented procedures and processes supported by relevant training.

During audits, to be able to demonstrate compliance with policies by the production of satisfactory supporting evidence.                     


To comply with information rights legislation and the Council’s data quality standards by applying information management related policies.

To report instances of non-compliance, errors, omissions or inadequacies in procedures to the business unit manager.

Equal Opportunities

To know and adhere to the Council’s equal opportunities policy and equalities legislation and implement in relation to job responsibilities in employment and service delivery.

Health and Safety


To be fully familiar with the Council’s Safety Policy and Codes of Practice and guidance relating to their area of work and ensure that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with them.

To take reasonable care for his/her own health and safety and any other   person(s) who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work in accordance with Health and Safety legislation. 

To co-operate with the Council in so far as it is necessary to enable it to comply with its duties under relevant Health and Safety legislation.

To be responsible for, under the direction of the Assistant Director, the risk assessment of officers’ health and safety within their service area whilst at work and any other person’s health and safety who may be affected by this undertaking for the purpose of identifying the measures they need to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him/her by or under the relevant statutory provisions, regulations, approved code of practice and guidance.


To take reasonable care for his/her own health and safety and any other   person(s) who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work, in accordance with the Health & Safety legislation.

To co-operate with the Council insofar as is necessary to enable it to comply with its duties under relevant health and safety legislation.


Work under the council’s smartworking policy and timesheet to assist in providing value for money to clients.

 Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults (for all front line staff in Children’s Services and Adult Social Care)

To be aware of and work in accordance with the Council’s child and adult protection policies and procedures in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults and to raise any concerns relating to such procedures which may be noted during the course of duty.

For further information on whether a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure check is required, managers should refer to Disclosure and Barring Scheme information on the HR policies and procedures section of the SmartHR intranet site. 

Selection Criteria/Person Specification



Recognised Degree or Diploma in Environmental Health

A lesser qualification in Environmental Health (i.e. HND, BTEC, etc)

A specific noise qualification (MSc/Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control)


Valid clean driving licence.

An understanding of environmental legislation and its enforcement.

Knowledge & Experience:

Experience of the construction industry.

Evidence of Continuing Professional Development and relevant updating.

High level computer literacy.

Knowledge of the links between health and housing, food, health and safety and noise and nuisance.

Essential to have working knowledge of relevant legislation and powers (i.e. Environmental Protection Act 1990, Control of Pollution Act 1974, Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993).

Capable of keeping detailed, concise and accurate records of all visits and actions and preparing witness statements, writing notices and schedules. Capable of corresponding in simple straightforward language.

Capable of dealing with confrontational situations confidently, calmly, assertively and impartially. Have good listening and negotiation skills. Capable of adapting style and approach to different situations and groups of people.

Genuine commitment to customer care and equality in the delivery of a good quality service.

An ability to organise and prioritise workload when under pressure with good problem solving skills and ability to work as a member of a team.

Experience of investigating noise complaints and taking appropriate follow up action, preferably on a shift work basis.

Experience of using relevant legislation and powers, i.e. service of statutory notices, court proceedings, etc.

Capable of using noise monitoring equipment (e.g. Sound Level Meters, DAT recorders, etc) and sound insulation testing equipment.

Recent suitable and practical experience of enforcement within the Noise and Nuisance field.

Recent experience of investigating complaints, dealing with enquiries and undertaking enforcement action in relating to Noise and Nuisance.

Experience of undertaking projects, researching topics and preparing and writing reports.

Experience of assessing planning and licence applications.

Knowledge of a wide range of preventative and promotional health, safety and welfare measures in relation to Noise and Nuisance.

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