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  • Five reasons why you should attend CIEH events

    • 14 Mar 2024
    • Zoe Waistell

    People are social animals, that is the reason why we like to come together collectively to share an experience, to learn and connect - whether that’s online or in person.

  • Environmental health apprenticeships grow in popularity

    • 21 Feb 2024
    • Sarah Campbell

    Two apprentices at King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council claim to have “the best of both worlds” thanks to online classes one day a week

  • Career advice: how to switch sector

    • 4 Jul 2019
    • Jonathan Hayes

    What you need to know if you’re considering moving from public to private sector.

  • How to demonstrate you have a commercial mindset

    • 8 Oct 2019

    Many local authorities are adopting a more ‘commercial’ approach to delivering services, maximising efficiencies and looking for innovative ways to generate income.

  • 9 tips on moving into a big role

    • 8 Oct 2019
    • Maria Jennings

    You’ve finally landed that big career move. You’re no doubt ready for it, but here are a few tips from someone who’s made that leap to help boost your confidence

  • 8 tips on speaking to groups

    • 7 Oct 2019
    • Kate Walker Miles

    What are the tricks of the trade when it comes to wowing an audience?

  • Creating an alluring covering letter

    Creating an alluring covering letter

    • 1 Mar 2019

    The main aim of a covering letter is to encourage recruiters to read your CV. However, it needs to do a lot more than say, 'here is my CV!'. In short, it is the biggest chance you have to sell yourself.

  • Psychometric testing in interviews

    Psychometric testing in interviews

    • 1 Mar 2019

    Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of testing is becoming increasing popular.

  • Creating rapport in an interview

    Creating rapport in an interview

    • 1 Mar 2019

    Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’. In an interview situation you can employ numerous techniques to maximize the rapport between yourself and your interviewer.

  • Negotiating the best starting salary

    Negotiating the best starting salary

    • 1 Mar 2019

    Understandably, many people find discussing salaries uncomfortable and embarrassing during an interview. However, most interviewers expect some bartering and, if it motivates you to put more into the job, it is worthwhile for both the applicant and the employer.

  • Do's and don'ts for developing a CV

    Do's and don'ts for developing a CV

    • 1 Mar 2019

    A Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and getting an interview can depend on how good your CV is. You will need to consider what to include, how much detail is needed and how to make your CV stand out from all the others.

  • Negotiating the best starting salary

    How good is your CV?

    • 4 Jan 2019

    Writing a good CV is tricky: the message must be right but so must its appearance.