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Five reasons why you should attend CIEH events

Written by: Zoe Waistell
Published on: 14 Mar 2024

EHN Careers advice article March 2024:

Five reasons why you should attend CIEH events

People are social animals, that is the reason why we like to come together collectively to share an experience, to learn and connect - whether that’s online or in person.

There are a multitude of benefits for attending CIEH events and below we have curated our top five:

1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD encompasses any learning or training that enhances your knowledge, skills, and ability to perform your job effectively. It’s probably no surprise that CPD is top of our list, and this is why:

Staying current: the field of environmental health is dynamic, with rapid changes in regulations, technologies, and best practices. CPD ensures you stay up to date with the latest developments, allowing you to adapt and thrive. Career progression: CPD can open doors to career advancement. Whether you aspire to take on more responsibilities in your current role or seek a promotion, continuous learning demonstrates your commitment to growth. Employability: employers value professionals who actively engage in self-improvement. Demonstrating a strong knowledge base and up to date skills makes you an attractive candidate for potential employers. Self-confidence: as you acquire new skills and knowledge, your confidence grows. This newfound confidence not only enhances your performance but also makes your work more enjoyable.

2. Learning from case studies

Frequently, our Headline conferences feature case studies presented by experienced environmental health practitioners. We believe learning from real-life examples is essential, here’s why:

Practical insights: case studies provide practical insights into solving complex environmental health challenges. You’ll learn how professionals tackled specific issues, the strategies they employed, the outcomes achieved, and lessons learned. Problem-solving skills: real life isn’t perfect, often it can present multifaceted situations, so by analysing case studies you can enhance your problem-solving skills. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in decision-making and risk assessment.

3. Networking

By attending CIEH events you will connect with your peers, industry experts, and potential mentors. Networking at our free member forum events offers several benefits including:

Knowledge exchange: observe and engage in discussions, share experiences, and exchange ideas. You’ll gain fresh perspectives and learn from others’ successes and setbacks. Community: build a strong network to collaborate on projects, research, or initiatives. Building and maintaining professional relationships means you can reach out for support when you need it and seek out opportunities to pay it forward too.

4. Access to research and resources

We work hard to keep our events relevant and therefore provide access to the latest research materials, publications, and resources. This helps you to:

Stay informed: gain access to the latest research findings, reports, and guidelines. Being well-informed enhances your decision-making and problem-solving skills. Be inspired: we offer a mix of well-structured activities and resources from panel sessions, keynote speakers, oral and visual presentations, workshops, and interactive Q&A sessions. This gives you a chance to collate ideas and best practice from a variety of sources on numerous topics.

5. Focus time

And finally, attending events can give you a mini sabbatical - whether that’s a few hours for Bitesize training or multiple days delving into the detail at a Technical workshop. Our annual events programme allows you to take time out of your day-to-day operations to reflect and reinvigorate your perspective.

This in turn will give you the motivation and focus to continue your professional journey to make safer, cleaner, and healthier environments for the benefit of all.

Check out the extensive CIEH events programme.